CodePlex Foundation Announces Board Restructuring


The Microsoft-founded CodePlex Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that aims to promote the understanding and exchange of code between software companies and open source communities, has announced a restructuring effort.

The board will now compromise of five positions.

Pre-existing Board members Sam Ramji, Vice President of Sonoa Systems, and Stephanie Davies Boesch, Director of Program Management of .NET Framework, will continue with the CodePlex Foundation. Joining them, are Jim Jagielski, Chief Architect at SpringSource, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Apache Software Foundation and an Advisory Board Member at Open Source Software Institute; and Tony Hey, the Corporate Vice President of External Research at Microsoft Corporation.

“As a leading figure in the FOSS community, I am excited to join the CodePlex Foundation,” said Jim Jagielski, the Chief Architect at SpringSource. “CodePlex has a unique opportunity to further increase the importance and acceptance of open source, especially within environments which have, up to now, been resistant to it.

Stepping down from their positions, are Miguel de Icaza, the Vice President of Novell; along with two Microsoft representatives: Bill Staples and Britton Johnston. Shaun Walker, Co–Founder and Chief Architect of DotNetNuke Corporation, has also stepped down.

The fifth permanent board seat will remain open while the Foundation discusses the possibility of corporate sponsorship.

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