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Google Container Engine gets a Kubernetes upgrade with Codefresh

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Google Container Engine
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Google Container Engine is getting a Kubernetes upgrade. This latest collaboration between Google Cloud and Codefresh brings a faster, easier CI/CD pipeline for container deployment.

Google Cloud is teaming up with Codefresh to bring us all a faster and easier deployment to the Google Container Engine. This improvement to Google Cloud’s Kubernetes service makes it possible for Kubernetes users of all levels to start testing and deploying code on Kubernetes with a production grade CI/CD pipeline in as little as 10 minutes.

This isn’t the first time Google Cloud has collaborated with Codefresh. Codefresh, the complete container delivery toolchain, has previously worked with Google Cloud on integrating the Google Container Registry. This provided a Docker registry for developers to work directly from their CI/CD flow.

“Google Cloud is a powerful partner for Codefresh, with a strong expertise in helping the enterprise launch and scale containers,” said Raziel Tabib, CEO and Co-founder of Codefresh.

“The CI space is undergoing a dramatic shift toward containerization. Codefresh is at the intersection of containers, orchestration, and the automatic configuration of environments for dev, testing, and deployment.”

Google Cloud Engine

Why Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is one of the fastest growing systems for organizing containers. In fact, a recent poll of DevOps engineers found that Kubernetes was one of the top tools that they wanted to learn in the next year. The rush towards cloud deployments has led the push for enterprise container infrastructure and 71% devs said they used Kubernetes in the enterprise. Google Cloud has led the way, offering managed Kubernetes hosting.

However, despite Kuberenetes’ popularity, there is still a steep learning curved for automating deployment and integrating CI/CD pipelines for dev teams. This collaboration between Google Cloud and Codefresh promises to change all that. The new integration streamlines the development service by bringing everything together in one place.

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Now, devs can run builds, tests, and deployments automatically and manually in a single platform. This speeds up development and reduces bugs. The Google Container Engine is easier for new uesers to start deploying Kubernetes. More experienced users can work directly with the service and deployment YAMLs for a more customized configuration.

Later this month, Google Container Engine and Codefresh will be hosting a webinar on August 30th. William Dennis (PM, Google Container Engine) and Dan Garfield (Full-Stack Engineer, Codefresh) will explain how the new process and integration can be used to speed up development velocity with a Kubernetes pipeline. Register now for this exciting talk on Kubernetes!


To get started with deployment, check out Codefresh here!


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