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Codefresh creates $100M open source fund

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CI/CD specialists Codefresh have announced their intentions to reinvest into the open source ecosystem that has supported and helped them prosper since they were founded in 2014. They are built on top of Kubernetes, running on top of open source Linux, and now they want to follow in the Linux Foundation’s footsteps and make a massive contribution back into the community. Let’s take a closer look.

Continuous integration and delivery platform veterans Codefresh announced on Tuesday this week the establishment of a $100,000,000 open source fund that will give grants of up to $1,000,000. Speaking on the eve of Kubecon in San Diego, Dan Garfield, Codefresh’s Chief Technology Evangelist, said:

“Open source is part of every project and drives change in the modern world at an incredible pace. Codefresh has contributed to open source projects related to Kubernetes such as Helm and Chart Museum, and many open source projects have used Codefresh to power their CI/CD and software delivery supply chain. The Codefresh $100 Million Open Source Fund is a way to give even more back to the community that has embraced and empowered Codefresh from the beginning.”


The fund will be launched in 2020 and will foster open source projects with the intention of improving their DevOps, systems and processes to increase contributions as well as boost the quality of code submitted. In his blog post, Let’s get $100M Serious about Open Source, Garfield wrote, “the basic idea is to provide grants for open source projects to get access and tools that help them. We’ve been in discussions with a number of high profile open source projects to make the program a best fit solution that maximizes the benefit to the community.”

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We asked Dan Garfield why he feels it’s so important to foster open source development and he said:

Open source is the place where engineers all come together. Every single important project involves highly competitive companies collaborating with each other. They also provide an on-ramp for new engineers to distinguish themselves and contribute to the community. Enabling community and collaboration is incredibly important to us. It’s completely in line with our vision for Codefresh to be a common tongue to bring teams and people together […] we want to do everything we can to enable open source!

If you want to nominate a project to be considered for a grant of up to $1M when the fund launches next year, you can do so on Codefresh’s open source fund page.

Free unlimited builds and DevOpsCember

As if that wasn’t enough, Codefresh also announced a new free tier on their platform open to anyone who registers. The free tier includes unlimited builds, SaaS deployment, unlimited repositories, pipeline metrics, a private Docker registry/Helm repository and a full month of data retention for up to three users.

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Finally, following last year’s hackathon, Fixvember, they announced DevOpsCember. The aim of this year’s hackathon is to focus on the less sexy parts of development, namely writing tests, creating automated pipelines, and fixing bugs. Participants who submit quality contributions can win a t-shirt or hat. For more information, check out the DevOpsCember website.

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