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Cloudy Akka Cluster Support Coming to Akka 2.0

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, VMware launch new graduate program.

Second RC for Spring Security 3.1.0

The second release candidate of Spring Security 3.1.0 has been announced. This RC upgrades OpenID4Java to version 0.9.6, and adds support for Enum in Secured Annotation and standard convention for proxy tickets. The error handling for Active Directory authentication has also been improved. More information on the changes, is available at the Changelog.

Become One of the Indigo 500

With the release of the Indigo simultaneous release less than two months away, Eclipse have launched an ‘Indigo 500’ recruitment campaign. Eclipse are aiming to recruit 500 new Friends of Eclipse between May 1st and July 31st. The ‘Indigo 500’ will get early access to the download server, enabling them to access the final Indigo release before the rest of the community. To become a Friend of Eclipse, you are required to donate more than $35 to the Eclipse Foundation.

“This is a great way for individuals to give back to the Eclipse community, so I hope you will participate and join today,” says Ian Skerrett.

Cloudy Akka Cluster Support Coming to Akka 2.0

Jonas Bonér has announced that the cluster support in Cloudy Akka is being moved into Akka OSS, and will be shipped with Akka version 2.0 in the summer. Akka 2.0 will also offer automatic replication with automatic fail-over upon node crash, Event Sourcing and actor mailboxes.

Tasktop 2.0.1 Released

A new maintenance release of Tasktop has been announced. With Tasktop 2.0.1 , the HP ALM Connection Dialogue has been improved, so users can now retrieve the list of domains and projects that they can connect to. This should ease the creation of new task repositories:

Java no longer needs to be installed prior to using Tasktop for Visual Studio, as it comes included, and queries can be edited from within Visual Studio. More information on all the changes, is available at the What’s New page.

Metawidget 1.5 Adds Maven and RichFaces 4 Support

The Metawidget Object User Interface Mapping tool, has reached version 1.5. This update adds support for Maven and RichFaces 4. The metawidget.xml syntax used by ConfigReader has also been enhanced to use id and refId to refer from one setting to another.

VMware Launch Graduate Program

VMware have announced a Graduate Fellowship Program for 2012, for two currently enrolled, full-time Ph.D students involved in research “related to VMware’s business interests.” Examples given, are core machine virtualisation and cloud computing, including massive scale compute, storage, network and management. The VMware Graduate Fellowship includes a cash award to cover tuition and stipend for twelve months, and award recipients will be given preference when it comes to intern and full-time opportunities. The application deadline is October 14th, 2011, with the fellowship to commence around September 2012.

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