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CloudBees Launch Toolkit for Eclipse Developers

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, Google’s Go comes to the JVM.

CloudBees Launch Toolkit for Eclipse Developers

CloudBees have announced the GA of their Toolkit for Eclipse, providing Java developers with an Eclipse-to-the-cloud path. The Eclipse toolkit works by connecting [email protected] directly to Eclipse, allowing developers to create and monitor Jenkins jobs running on CloudBees inside Eclipse. The toolkit provides feedback on code changes, automated deployment of applications in the cloud, and allows users to build and test environments that scale up and down as required. Developers can choose whether to run in a local environment, or deploy to the CloudBees [email protected] PaaS. Visit the Toolkit for Eclipse page now to learn more.


Bug Fixes for Axiom 1.2.12

The Apache Axiom team have released version 1.2.12 of the StAX-based object model that supports on-demand building of the object tree. This project supports a “pull-through” model that allows the user to directly access the underlying pull event stream. This release adds support for ConcurrentModificationException to iterators, and fixes a potential class loader leak. Axiom 1.2.12 can be downloaded now.


RC of Sonar 2.9

The first release candidate of Sonar 2.9 has been announced. This RC adds an extension point that overrides the project definition provided by the Sonar bootstrapper, and enables the Review web service API to create and update a review. The Reviews page has also been extended, to enable the searching for ‘false-positive’ reviews. A kind of version control for quality profiles has been added, in order to follow configuration changes. More information on all the changes, is available at the Release Notes.


Go on the JVM!

JGo is a new project that aims to provide a compiler and runtime environment for Google’s Go programming language on the JVM. The runtime is written in Java, and the compiler in Scala.


JazzHub Hosting Hub for Academic Projects

The JazzHub hosting hub has entered limited beta. This project aims to encourage the open development of academic research and classroom projects. JazzHub features Web, Eclipse and Visual Studio interfaces, and functionality for Work Item Tracking, source code management, and agile planning. You can request a project creation code now, in order to participate in the project’s limited beta.

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