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Cloudbees launch hybrid deployment PaaS, AnyCloud

Chris Mayer

The Java PaaS aims to simplify and offer deployment flexibility for cloud environments

JavaPaaS specialist CloudBees appear to be tearing up the PaaS rulebook once again, after announcing the availability of AnyCloud for the hybrid deployment of production applications.

Their second innovative product is embracing ubiquity allowing applications to be deployed across nearly any data center environment. The sheer range of which is impressive -  Amazon Web Services (AWS), other managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers, hosted data center providers as well as on-premise, in enterprise data centers.

The line between private and public cloud is becoming ever more blurred and AnyCloud is championing the cause for hybrid deployment. Enterprises can face problems when trying to embrace a cloud computing approach, notably company red tape.

CloudBees is taking a different approach however, as they want to remove ‘the burden of installing, updating and maintaining a complex stack of PaaS software from data center operators by managing the PaaS software stack remotely across environment’. This means that rather than tracking numerous locations where stacks are deployed, the service would be monitored from a single point from a specific geographical location. The mantra for AnyCloud is to combine agility with strict policy.

The company said within a press release ‘Gone are the days of losing track of all the cloud applications running in different locations. AnyCloud offers the ability to manage all applications from a single point of control, ensuring a high level of visibility and quality of service.’

 CloudBees recognises that until now that this wasn’t possible, but sees the growing need for total platform flexibility. When AnyCloud was launched yesterday they offered the following evidence to support the need to embrace a true PaaS:

Forrester surveys show that 29% of enterprise Infrastructure and Operations teams are putting a high or critical priority on building a private cloud this year. But there’s a catch: Most aren’t operationally prepared to run a cloud, nor are they thinking through the operational implications of what this even means.

AnyCloud is available immediately to deploy and manage applications running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Ireland and OVH in France. François Déchery, vice president of international business development at CloudBees discussed how CloudBees needed to offer global support. He said:

As we worked with customers around the world, CloudBees was being asked more and more for deployment options across various IT environments and hosted providers – particularly in Europe. We decided to satisfy the demand for flexible deployment options in a very different way than our competition.

AnyCloud is a game-changer – it allows users to fully realize both the platform and service elements of PaaS. If you are not consuming a service, you are not really simplifying your operations nor reducing costs and, therefore, not realizing the full benefit of the cloud. AnyCloud addresses just that – giving PaaS users the freedom of deployment choice, including on-premise, while still benefiting from a true service offering.

It appears that this product could be the kingmaker for enterprises finally embracing PaaS solution, without any fear. AnyCloud will be in fierce competition with Red Hat’s OpenShift and Cloud Foundry, as well as with Java-based middleware from Oracle. All will be jostling for position in what we think will be the key battleground for cloud computing in the coming years. Who will win this cloud ‘Game of Thrones’?

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