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CloudBees Announce New Partner Ecosystem

Jessica Thornsby

Java PaaS company CloudBees have announced a new partner ecosystem, along with JFrog , Sauce Labs, SonarSource, Cloudant and NewRelic.

JAX Conf is well underway and the first day saw an exciting announcement, as Java PaaS company CloudBees announced a new partner ecosystem. This ecosystem will launch with five initial partners: JFrog , Sauce Labs, SonarSource for [email protected] and Cloudant and NewRelic for [email protected] – with more third-party providers coming soon.

Currently, the partner services that add to CloudBees’ [email protected] service are:

  • JFrog Artifactory Online — a Binary Repository manager in the cloud, integrated with Jenkins.
  • SonarSource — continuous inspection of source code in the cloud.
  • Sauce Labs — manual and Selenium-driven cross-browser testing in the cloud.

The partner services that add to CloudBees’ [email protected] service are:

  • Cloudant — an open source clustered CouchDB database in the cloud.
  • New Relic — real-time application monitoring, providing an insight into user experiences and application performance.

The CloudBees ecosystem is a for-pay, generally available platform that offers access to multiple services to build, deploy, test, manage and monitor Java web applications in the cloud. Users will be able to use the CloudBees platform to browse partner services, and CloudBees will then handle setting up the account with the partner and billing, and ensure provisioning. Developers will also be able to manage and monitor services from within the CloudBees management console.

“If you are a developer, you should be focusing on building a great application, not busy setting up an application server or a 3rd party solution. To that end CloudBees Ecosystem program enables you to browse all of our partner solutions online, from our GrandCentral dashboard, decide whether you want to enable each partner’s solution as part of your CloudBees subscription, in a totally self-service fashion,” says Sacha Labourey, CEO and founder of CloudBees.

On the partner side of things, CloudBees will integrate directly with their partner’s systems, and handle subscription management, billing and fielding level one support issues.

To sign up for the CloudBees platform, visit the website now.

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