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What clouds dream of: better tools, better security

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The numbers aren’t looking so pretty. Security professionals from around the globe agree that security tools are not fit for the cloud.

There’s a tool for every job, right? Maybe in your toolbelt, but as for the cloud security professionals aren’t so certain. The results of the Sumo Logic 2018 Global Security Trends in the Cloud (conducted by Dimensional Research) unveiled some interesting numbers. 90% of security professionals that responded felt that tools for the cloud are not adequate. 43% reported that security threats take longer to respond to because tools are not integrated.

Nearly half of respondents reported that current tools do not work in the cloud. These are high numbers, but they weren’t the only statistical shock: A whopping 97% out of the 300+ respondents felt that they lacked the tools for proper cloud security. That’s too close to 100% for comfort!

If cloud technology wants to continue to grow, tools must also grow and adapt with them

These numbers highlight an elephant-sized problem in DevSecOps that needs to be addressed. Security issues are nothing to take lightly, and organizations are losing their grip on security threats. If cloud technology wants to continue to grow, tools must also grow and adapt with them. New tools must keep up, or else security will fall behind.

Many organizations are making the transition to cloud technology from on-the-premise infrastructure. However, this survey shows that with cloud investments comes struggles with changing roles, security budgets, a high volume of security alerts, and stakeholder awareness of security needs. The cloud is much more complex and with it comes the organizational hurdles that companies are attempting to conquer. No matter how an organization addresses the change, investing in the cloud will change the way security is handled.

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A well-equipped staff is a happy staff, and a happy staff is a better staff. How does the cloud affect company morale? 51% of respondents said that staff is feeling overwhelmed and overloaded in regards to cloud security. 33% of respondents agreed that there is difficulty finding and hiring staff who can handle the increased workload that comes along with the cloud. IT teams are adjusting the best that they can to the switch from on-site infrastructure; only 20% of the surveyed security professionals reported that they continue to operate traditionally.

Did the survey deliver any good news? The research showed that 76% of respondents say they are adapting DevOps strategies into their organizations. Keeping up with the new changes in the world of IT is an important factor in a healthy, well-structured organization. Hopefully, in 2019, the numbers will look more positive for the future of cloud-based technology.

Want to crunch the data yourself? Read more about the Sumo Logic 2018 Global Security Trends here.

Sarah Schlothauer

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