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Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL now generally available

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Want to manage your databases with Google Cloud Platform, but you’re still a big PostgreSQL fan? Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL is now generally available, making database management easier than ever.

PostgreSQL is one of the most popular open source database management servers out there. We should know – PostgreSQL ranked number 1 in our last survey on favorite DB managers. Fans include Reddit, Spotify, the popular e-commerce site Zalando, and more. So, it’s very exciting to see this open source tool is now available on the Google Cloud Platform.

Now, Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL may be something of a mouthful, but it’s got a lot of horsepower under the hood. This new, full-managed database service is backed by Google’s SRE team, high availability with automatic failover, and a service-level agreement promising at least 99.5% uptime a month, anywhere in the world. Not too shabby.

Like other services from the Google Cloud Platform, Cloud SQL lets developers focus on their applications and not the IT operations. Cloud SQL offers high availability and replication, higher performance instances with up to 416 GB of RAM, and support for a whopping 19 extra extensions across four categories: PostGIS, data type, language, and miscellaneous.

One interesting feature is the high availability configuration, which is backed by Google’s new Regional Disks. These discs synchronously replicate data at the block-level between two zones in a region. Since Cloud SQL continuously checks for high availability instances, it automatically fails over if an instance is not healthy. And so, having synchronous disk replication plus automatic failover prevents many types of infrastructure, hardware, and software failures.

Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL runs standard PostgreSQL for compatibility reasons. Any improvements for PostgreSQL are available to everyone in the open source community.

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Getting started with Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL

There’s no such thing of a free lunch, but Google is offering a $300 credit if you sign up to try Cloud SQL and other Google Cloud Platform services. A subscription to GCP ain’t cheap, but if you already have an account, data transfer into Cloud SQL is simple.

There’s no difference between connecting to a Google Cloud SQL database and connecting to a PostgreSQL database – just use the standard connectors and tools like pg_dump to migrate data.

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