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No code shall remain unfound – Google announces beta availability of Cloud Source Repositories

Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
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What does Google know how to do best? Search for things! And now Google’s search superpower is available for every developer! Google announced the beta availability of Cloud Source Repositories, which promises to relieve you from all the trouble of trying to find that code you know you saw somewhere!

Rejoice, my friends! Today is the day developers around the world won’t have to smash their keyboards in frustration because, after an hour of searching, they cannot find that code they certainly saw… somewhere.

Google announced the beta availability of Cloud Source Repositories, an essential tool for code search powered by the same underlying code search infrastructures that Google engineers use for their code search every day! And if someone knows what search means, that is Google!

According to a study, developers conduct an average of five search sessions with 2 total queries per workday, seeking answers to questions like what code does, where is code instantiated, why code behaves a certain way etc.

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Not that I need to say more, but just for the sake of the article, let’s have a quick look at what Cloud Source Repositories offers:

  • All owned repositories that are either mirrored or added to the Cloud Source Repositories, can be searched in a single query
  • Getting answers and indexing is super fast since CSR uses the same document indexing and retrieval technologies as Google Search
  • Ability to search across thousands of different repositories with a single query
  • CSR has a semantic understanding of the code
  • Your queries can include filters to limit the searches to classes or functions
  • Allows for improved searched by ranking important parts of code
  • Allows powerful search patterns using RE2 regular expressions

The endless hours of search and frustration are over!

Getting started

To start things off, you can create an empty repository or mirror your code from the cloud version of GitHub or Bitbucket. You can populate new repositories by simply pushing code from a local machine or writing new code without leaving the browser using the Cloud Shell editor.

You can give Cloud Source Repositories for free using the Google Cloud Platform free trial here.

Happy code searching!

Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou was the editor for Coming from an academic background in East Asian Studies, she decided that it was time to go back to her high-school hobby that was computer science and she dived into the development world. Other hobbies include esports and League of Legends, although she never managed to escape elo hell (yet), and she is a guest writer/analyst for competitive LoL at TGH.

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