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Cloud native skills needed! Report claims new cloud “skills crisis”

Sarah Schlothauer
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Cloud technology is taking over the enterprise world. However, there’s a gap between this rapid technology and the skill pool prompting some reports to call it a “cloud skills crisis”. Just how barren is this cloud skills desert?

We like keeping a pulse on the IT career world: What skills are in demand, what’s on its way out, and what are companies looking for in their new hires? A new report from OpsRamp titled “From A Cloud-Native Skills Gap to A Full-Blown Crisis” claims that companies are struggling to fill their cloud skills gap.

It states, “The cloud skills gap has become a cloud skills crisis”. What does this mean for developers?

Let’s comb through this report and see what’s being said.

Cloud-native skills desert

From the survey: “60% of our survey respondents report that a majority of their mission-critical IT services are either built or run using cloud-native architectures”. This should come as no surprise, with the rise in cloud technologies and the benefits they have for businesses.

However, the report also states that although the enterprise world is transforming, skills are not keeping up with the same pace.

OpsRamp states that “90% of hiring managers report that their digital skills gap is either somewhat big, quite big, or huge”. Nearly a third of respondents believe that the demand for cloud-native skills outpace existing talent pools”.

How difficult is it to find the appropriate hire? “94% of IT leaders report that it takes longer than one month to recruit technology experts for their digital transformation projects.” A quarter of respondents said that it can take longer than three months to fill the gap. This leads to lower production for the company, less money made, and less people employed.

The silver lining

Although this gap is harming companies, developers looking to boost their career should use it to their advantage. There is no better time to either enhance your cloud skills or rely on them more during your interview or highlight them in your CV. This will boost the number of opportunities that you have and put you one step ahead.

While you’re at it, check out the updated StackOverflow salary calculator and see what your experiences can get you.

Be optimistic about what you can earn. According to the OpsRamp report, 41% of respondents are “willing” to pay competitively. 28% of respondents are “very willing” to pay top dollar for top talent. An article about this report on estimates that a cloud architect with five years experience in San Francisco could receive a salary “between $121,500 and $159,000.” Those aren’t numbers to sneeze at!

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Change your company culture

The question remains: Why are companies struggling to find talent when cloud technologies are flourishing more than ever? One criticism may be, why are these companies not offering training for the skills they seek? The survey says that only “37% of IT executives plan to invest in skill development programs for existing staff”.

The survey’s authors suggest that companies looking for better IT talent should partner with universities or help veteran employees build their skills on the job. Investing in your current teams is even better than hiring a new team. Offer your employees chances to earn certificates and learn the new tech that they need to keep up with.

What’s the methodology for these alarming claims? OpsRamp says that their survey includes 124 respondents who worked “at the IT manager level or above, across IT operations, DevOps or Site Reliability Engineering Teams”. Is this a large enough group with a broad enough demographic to warrant these claims?

The report is available to download here.

What do you think about this survey and what it says about the cloud in careers? Is there truly a “skills crisis”? What do you want from your employer when it comes to searching for new tech talent?

Sarah Schlothauer

Sarah Schlothauer

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