'Cloud' to 'Butt' add-on

Do you dare use the name of The Cloud in vain?

Coman Hamilton
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A series of browser add-ons are allowing disillusioned cloud users to replace the word ‘Cloud’ with ‘Butt’ – with some rather hilarious outcomes.

There are some terms in technology that we spell with a capital letter. For no apparent reason, it is decided that hyped trends like Big Data and the Internet of Things are to be written with a capital letter.

“The Cloud” is one of these terms sometimes capitalised to emphasize its gravity. Like some kind of sacred term, the Cloud (with a capital C) radiates with a sort of pseudo-religious halo around It. Like a demigod technology, It commands the worship of all that encounter It. All hail the Cloud!

One almost feels obliged to capitalise Its pronoun, like a God-fearing schoolchild scared to misuse His holy name.

The Cloud-to-Butt plugin

With a blasphemous browser mod, a number of renegade developers are daring to question the infallibility of the Cloud, and its (no doubt) central role in the future of the Internet (there’s another holy word).

Cloud-to-butt is a browser plugin with the beautifully simple function of replaces the word ‘cloud’ with ‘butt’ whenever it appears on a website. Instantly, news headlines like “Amazon’s Cloud continues to grow” become rather hilarious (see the slideshow below).

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What more is there to say? Plenty more, judging by the community’s modifications to the extension with a number of forks.

The original add on by Steven Frank restricts itself to changing ‘the cloud’ to ‘my butt’. But several add-ons have broadened this to simply replacing ‘cloud’ with ‘butt’.

In my personal opinion, that approach is too broad and it’s less funny as a result, but it is clearly a very polarizing issue in the cloud-to-butt user community. – Steven Frank, Cloud-to-butt author

Repositories for ChromeFirefox, Safari and even Opera add-ons have been forking on GitHub – after all, why should only Chrome use the name of the Cloud in vain?

However, Cloud-haters should be warned before installing. Chrome syncs your extensions across both private and work browsers you are logged into. One Reddit user reports that this put him in a rather awkward position at the workplace:

So one day at work, I’m asked to take a look at a bug in a weather forecast script in the sidebar of a news website that my company manages. I open up the script (which is annoyingly only accessible in-browser through the CMS), fix the bug, and get back to my other projects.

The next day, the newspaper editor stops by and asks me to take a look at the weather forecast cause it’s “acting strange.” Long story short, approximately 6,000 area residents were informed that the weather in their county today would be “Butty with light rain in the evening.” via Reddit

Wouldn’t you agree there’s been too much hype around my Butt–ahem–the Cloud?

Coman Hamilton
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