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Cloud Foundry Foundation’s Abby Kearns is named Executive Director as former CEO Sam Ramji moves to Google

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Abby Kearns
Sam Ramji at Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2016

Now that former Cloud Foundry CEO Sam Ramji has accepted a new executive role at Google Cloud, the industry-standard multi-cloud platform promoted Abby Kearns to the role of Executive Director and named Chip Childers Chief Technology Officer.

Abby Kearns, Cloud Foundry’s former Vice President of Industry Strategy has been promoted to the role of Executive Director. Chip Childers was named Chief Technology Officer as former CEO Sam Ranji accepted an executive position at Google Cloud where he will continue his work on public cloud computing and open-source technologies such as Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes.

What’s next for Cloud Foundry?

According to John Roese, Chair of Cloud Foundry Foundation and CTO and EVP of Cross Product Operation at Dell EMC, “Abby and Chip have the skills and vision to take Cloud Foundry to the next level, broadening its reach to include enterprise developers and the Global 2000 in their digital transformation journey.”

Abby Kearns joined Cloud Foundry Foundation as its first fellow earlier this year. At that time, Ramji praised Kearns and said she “brings an important first-hand knowledge of the customer point of view thanks to her time at Pivotal, which is critical in an industry strategy role.”

Kearns revealed that “the next stage of Cloud Foundry is to help drive cloud innovation deeper into the enterprise and double down on their work with enterprise CIOs as they transform their businesses to become digital innovators.”

At the same time, we want to empower the ecosystem of cloud developers to build more applications, more quickly.

Childers, who became the co-founder of the Cloud Foundry Foundation as Technology Chief of Staff last year, opined that “the Cloud Foundry ecosystem is driving a massive shift for the largest industries in the world, including heavy industry, automotive, financial services, national governments, and even the software industry itself” and explained that they need to embrace the engineers who make this possible.

“Companies should not worry about infrastructure anymore”

JAXenter talked to Abby Kearns at Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2016 about Cloud Foundry’s strategy, innovative aspects, and the purpose of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. She pointed out that Cloud Foundry solves a complex problem; it takes the features that you need and puts them on a single platform that you previously had to build yourself. Being able to integrate everything into a single solution which is easily managed is one thing that makes Cloud Foundry innovative.

“Automation is essential,” Cloud Foundry’s Vice President of Industry Strategy emphasized. It brings speed and infuses organizations with power simply because it doesn’t take 18 months to put the product into the customer’s hands anymore. The goal of Cloud Foundry is to make sure companies don’t have to worry about infrastructure anymore.

The Cloud Foundry Foundation is forever going to be open source

The Cloud Foundry Foundation aims to be the best platform for many years to come. One of its main benefits is the fact that “it is forever going to be open source” — it cannot be absorbed by a for-profit company, so “no one can take it and transform it into something that it’s not.”

Kearns also mentioned that platform certification (there are currently 11 certified providers) refers to the ability to run on any could, anywhere. Two of the perks that go hand in hand with platform certification are the lack of lock-in and plenty of flexibility. Cloud Foundry will continue to invest in that ecosystem.

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