Cloud Features look to be out of Java EE 7 – Your View

Chris Mayer

We want to hear your opinions about the latest deferral. Get voting

After last week’s announcement that the PaaS features within Java EE 7 (something which was a big deal for the release) are likely to be deferred by the Expert Group, we’d like to hear your views about the proposal.

Is the proposal the right way forward for Java EE? Are we right to not touch the area of cloud standardisation for some time? Or do we need something in place at least before Java EE misses the boat?

The views of the Expert Group are certainly telling.

Vote below on which opinion mirrors yours. If one doesn’t, why not comment below?

  • Right call. Cloud standardisation is a bad move with the market changing so much
  • The removal of PaaS specifications doesn’t bother me, but Java EE 7 now is a minor release
  • We should try and find a middle ground. Some new PaaS features is better than none
  • The Java EE release should moved back to allow for maturity in the sector
  • Wrong call. We need PaaS now!
Created on Sep 4, 2012

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