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Client server framework Netty 3.3.1 now available

Chris Mayer

Twitter steps up to the plate with SPDY protocol gift in this version

The Java NIO client server framework Netty has been given a huge upgrade in the latest version, 3.3.1. released by the community behind it.

The asynchronous event-driven network application framework, which enables quick and easy development of protocol servers and clients, has received a huge boost from social networking giant Twitter – who have donated the SPDY package towards the project.

This gift from Twitter adds an encoder, decoder, session handler and their related message types for the SPDY protocol.

There’s good news for the Android developers amongst you too, as the incompatibilities with the platform have been eliminated from the last version. In addition to this, the team have introduced the possibility to @override the creation of the cumulative buffer in the FrameDecoder class, meaning that you can adjust how the buffer is created, allowing for more customisation with sub-classes.

The developers blog contains further information on the release, whilst the issuetracker shows all that’s been fixed. You can download it from the team’s website or use from the Maven repository.

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