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Chemistry and OpenCMIS to Merge for New Project

Jessica Thornsby

OpenCMIS and Chemistry projects to provide a general-purpose Java library for the client and server side.

The Chemistry and OpenCMIS projects will be merged, according to the Director of Nuxeo, Florent Guillaume.

Apache Chemistry aims to provide a generic Java implementation of the OASIS CMIS specification. It is currently in incubation. OpenCMIS is a collection of Java libraries, frameworks and tools centred around the Content Management Interoperability Services specification.

This merge aims to provide a general-purpose library for the client and server side. It will be released under the OpenCMIS banner, in recognition of the origin of the majority of the code.

The team are aiming for a 0.1-incubating release within a fortnight of the current code base being stabilised. Guillaume will act as the release manager for this initial release.

In the same blog, Guillaume reveals that he hopes the Chemistry project will move out of incubation shortly, and become an Apache Top Level project; and that the OASIS CMIS standard is currently undergoing a vote on whether to make it an official 1.0 standard.

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