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Caterina Rindi keynote: “Bitcoin is a digital currency made for the internet” | JAX 2016

JAX Editorial Team

In her keynote at JAX 2016, Caterina Rindi, a Certified Bitcoin Professional, talked about how Bitcoin began and how to tame the blockchain. She also revealed that the Bitcoin blockchain has reached some limitations and that other blockchains are being built —such as Ethereum, which is a blockchain plus a programming language.

JAX 2016: Keynote Caterina Rindi from JAX TV on Vimeo.

Caterina Rindi has been involved in the bitcoin/blockchain ecosystem since late 2013, educating and introducing non-technical audiences to the bitcoin currency and underlying blockchain protocol, organizing Bitcoin Meetups and events, and working with crypto-currency startups, as well as other FinTech clients. Her background is in education, project management, and community engagement, and she is a Certified Bitcoin Professional.
Caterina is a consultant and multilingual speaker, traveling frequently between Europe and the United States, and worldwide.