Mike Piech video interview

Will business and IT ever be united?

Coman Hamilton
Mike Piech speaking at the W-JAX 2014

There are plenty of reasons for business decision makers and IT teams to become better integrated, says Mike Piech of Red Hat.

“In the end of the day, what it’s all about is enabling the business,” says Mike Piech, General Manager of JBoss Middleware at Red Hat.

In an interview with Business Technology expert Mirko Schrempp below, the W-Jax keynote speaker describes the four chief components of the PaaS. But as Mirko Schrempp rightly notes, business is surely a fifth, central component.

“Not only can developers iterate more quickly now, but the business can iterate more quickly,” says Piech, “but the business can actually essentially do trial and error in the same way a developer can because they’re working so closely together.”

What shape will the relationship between business decisions and enterprise development take in future? Does the PaaS expert envision a world where the two are tied together? Or shall never the twain meet?

Coman Hamilton
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