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Bugs are here to brighten up your day… Wait, What?

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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a flying bug! Gather round people, I have some hilarious bug stories to share with you today!

Programming is a serious job. Too much responsibility, way too physically and mentally demanding; it feels like it dries you out sometimes. And then… a ridiculous bug appears and cracks you open. Today I have some amazing bug stories to share with you.

The list of funny or weird bugs on Reddit and Quora is endless. However, I did manage to limit my favorites down to a short list! I am sure I missed some of your favorites so feel free to share with us your absurd, embarrassing or weird bug stories.

I’ll take a coke with my bug, please

The first response, by Kaushik Raghavan, to the Quora topic “What are some of the funniest software bugs you have seen?” had me crying. So apparently, one customer reported that there is an issue with the application he was using and this was that the application was crashing every time he drank a coke!

Dear Product support team,

The application crashed every time I am drinking coke. And whenever it happens, I have to restart the browser and enter all the details from the beginning. Please look into the issue and resolve it ASAP.

Thanks, Customer.

And the follow-up…

Customer: Hi

Project Team: Hi, can we get some more details on the issue.

Customer: You filling this compliance form takes a long time. So in between, I grab a coke and continue filling the form. When I do this, the application crashes.

Project Team: Are you sure? We cannot believe this.

Customer: Yaaa…I know. But I tried drinking coffee and it works absolutely fine.

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Long story short, the customer needed around 15 to get his coke because the vending machine was on another floor. The application had a timeout procedure; when it was not used for more than 15 minutes it automatically logged out. That was never tested and there was a bug. When the session timeout happened, it tried to save the form but as some of the mandatory fields were not filled, an exception occurred and this crashed the browser. And this would have never been discovered if it wasn’t for that meddling coke craving!

Source: Memecrunch

This sandal looks yummy

Matthew Watkins shared his story of a third-party webstore platform his team maintained where random pictures were taking the places of the actual product image. The webstore was selling clothing and footwear and… some raw meat.

As it turned out, on this software, if an image goes missing from the server, the platform would replace the actual product image with an image from the demo skin of the store, which in this case was a demo online butcher’s shop. And there you have it:

Unplug the bug

For this one, I’m going to let Jeff Carver say it in his own words:

About thirty years ago, a friend of mine was writing a game for the Atari 800. Back in those days, it was done in assembly language and the write, compile, test sequence was not a simple process.

One morning, he made a couple changes, compiled the code, and proceeded to test the game only to discover that the joystick was no longer working. He shut it down, reloaded the source code and started searching for the bug. He found and fixed something then recompiled and started testing again. Unfortunately, the joystick still wasn’t working so he had to go back to the source code.

Memory was always tight in those 8-bit machines so you couldn’t keep the source code, assembler and the target program all in memory at the same time. The computer had to be rebooted and everything reloaded from 5.25″ floppy disks.

This helps to explain why, after several repetitions of thinking he had found and fixed the problem, he finally became so frustrated that he picked up the joystick and threw it across the room.

Only after seeing the end of the joystick cord flying through the air did he realized it was never plugged in!

Now now, there is nothing to be ashamed of! It has happened to all of us…right?

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Chicken Spies

Skyrim is an open world action role-playing video game.  In the game, there is a mechanism where a Non-Player Character (NPC) sees you commit a crime they will report you to the city guard. Shortly before release the game, the design team noticed they were getting caught for crimes much more often than they should have been.  After some investigation, they finally figured out that they were being reported by the chickens! Yes, the chickens!

Source: lasdcm

And some of the classics

I see no irony in this whatsoever:

Source: Paul__B

A Reddit user described a frustrating encounter with Clippy. Do you remember Clippy? Yes, that one! In his endeavor to solve an issue with web forms he encounters this little nightmare where Clippy stood there, looking at him and asking “I see you are trying to do something I can’t help with, can I help you with that?”, waiting for a user response…

I do hope you enjoyed this one! But what I hope the most is to see responses with your ridiculous bug stories!

Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
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