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Bug Fixes for Java Service Wrapper 3.5.3

Jessica Thornsby

New Properties and bug fixes for Java Service Wrapper 3.5.3, which aims to allow you to control and install your Java applications like native NT or Unix services.

Java Service Wrapper version 3.5.3 is now available.

Java Service Wrapper aims to allow Java applications to be installed and controlled like native NT or Unix services. It features fault correction software, which should automatically restart crashed or frozen JVMs.

The community edition fixes a typo in the UNIX shell scripts that caused “command not found” errors to be shown when running the Community Edition. Version 3.5.3 also comes with the new Properties wrapper.console.fatal_to_stderr, wrapper.console.error_to_stderr, and wrapper.console.warn_to_stderrProperties. The configured java temporary directory is now always logged to aid with debugging.

Java Service Wrapper is also available in a Professional Edition. Java Service Wrapper Server Licenses are available from £45.95, and Java Service Wrapper Development Licenses from £1,380.00.


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