Another legal contest for Google

BT become latest company to sue Google over Android patent infringements

Chris Mayer

This latest legal deluge could land Google in hotter water – it extends beyond Android…

Over the past  few years, Android has faced a flurry of patent claims from Oracle, Apple and Microsoft, but now it faces further scrutiny – this time from the British telecom group over six patents.

The difference with this claim is that BT’s claims go further than Android itself, but to other arms of the Google operation – such as maps, music, social networking and its advertising services, most notably Adwords.

The suit filed by BT at a Delaware court seeks up to triple damages for wilful infringement and an injunction on said patents. What is more interesting about this opening shot by BT is its broad nature – targeting a wider range of Google’s treasure trove. The patents in question are:

  • 6,151,309 (Busuoic): a 2000 patent for “service provision system for communications networks”
  • 6,169,515 (Mannings): a 2001 patent for a “Navigation information system”
  • 6,397,040 (Titmuss 1): a 2002 patent for location tracking of users
  • 6,578,079 (Gittins ): a 2003 patent for a “communications node for providing network based information service”
  • 6,650,284 (Mannings 1): a 2003 patent for an “information system” with “a fixed part and a mobile part”
  • 6,826,598 (Gittins 2): a 2004 patent for “storage and retrieval of location based information in a distributed network of data storage devices”

There’s barely any service in Google’s arsenal that isn’t cited within the all-encompassing claims, for example Busuoic is infringed by Google Music and Android when adjusting the music service available depending on Wi-Fi or cellular network.

BT state the reason for filing this lawsuit in Paragraph 21.

BT brings this action to recover the just compensation it is owed and to prevent Google from continuing to benefit from BT’s ivnentions without authorization

This isn’t the first time that a BT patent has been at the centre of litigation against Google/Android, although as Florian Mueller notes back in July, it was actually Apple files the complaint against HTC.

It looks like Google may face further legal battles over its Android platform going well into next year and with the Google behemoth growing ever stronger, these cases will continue to grow in number.

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