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Browser-based IDE Eclipse Orion reaches 1.0

Elliot Bentley

Mike Milinkovich congratulates the Orion team as they put the seal of approval on the first dot release.

Eclipse Orion, the new browser-based IDE for web development, has pushed out the final version of its 1.0 release, following 18 months of development. In a hands-on preview with 1.0 RC1, we found Orion to be an impressive and feature-rich effort, albeit one with a few strange design choices.

That said, it’s come a long way since June’s 0.5 release, adding a whole host of minor improvements, including new code editor features, additional git support, integration of Eclipse Color Themes and Mozilla Persona login. Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation, took to his blog to offer the project a brief congratulations on the release.

In a blog post, Project Lead Ken Walker celebrated the progress made so far by the Orion project, both in the development of the application and uptake of components by the likes in Mozilla and SpringSource in Firefox and Scripted – as well as forming the entire basis of a platform in Cloudfier. The project is, of course, not just, but an entire package that can be deployed (and modified) yourself.

Walker also took a moment to reiterate Orion’s key feature, its plug-ins. “At the heart of Orion is a client side plug-in and micro service framework and this allows secure extensibility from multiple sites completely in the browser,” he wrote, adding: “This seems to get missed when reviews are done comparing Orion to other web based development tools.”

The plan is to switch to a browser-style rapid release cycle, with a dot release every four months (version 2.0 is due next February). Planned improvements include an optional JavaScript backend to run in Node.js, further deployment solutions and offline support.

You can try out the latest release at (note that existing user accounts have been deleted), or download the source code from GitHub.

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