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BootsFaces 0.8.5: 11 new components

Stephan Rauh

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The successor of BootsFaces 0.8.1 was supposed to be a small bugfix release, but the result is a different story: the new version consists of 240 commits. In addition to several bugfixes, version 0.8.5 also brings 11 new components. Plus, the relaxed HTML-like markup style from AngularFaces has been migrated to BootsFaces.

Originally, the BootsFaces team wanted the successor of BootsFaces 0.8.1 to be a small bugfix release. But for some reason, this successor never materialized. Instead, the team developed a couple of months longer. Last weekend they’ve published BootsFaces 0.8.5, which is a major release, sporting no less the eleven new components. Some of them fill an annoying gap. Just think of <b:focus /> and <b:defaultCommand />. The first puts the input cursor into an input field after navigating to another page, while the second defines what happens if the user hits the “enter” key.

New features, bugfixes …

Putting it all together, roughly 240 commits went into the new version. It contains quite a few improvements and bugfixes. Since January, when the previous version was released, the team managed to close 58 issues in their bugtracker.

… and new bugs

Merely eight hours after releasing the new version, the first bug was reported. This quick response clearly shows the popularity of the framework. As it turns out, the bug was a side effect of a major refactoring that is intended to make it easier to maintain the growing number of components on the long run.

The first couple of bug reported can easily be fixed by a workaround. However, depending on how many bugs are reported, and depending on the severity of the bug, it’s possible that a bugfix release will be published soon.

Download coordinates

You can download BootsFaces both on the project homepage or from Maven Central:

Add these lines to your pom.xml:


Add this line to your .gradle file:

compile 'net.bootsfaces:bootsfaces:0.8.5'


There’s an exhaustive list of what’s new in BootsFaces 0.8.5 at Beyond Java. There’s also a showcase of BootsFaces.

Stephan Rauh
Stephan Rauh works as a senior consultant at the OPITZ CONSULTING GmbH Germany . He has been working for years with JSF and AngularJS and has become known through his blog and open source projects AngularFaces and BootsFaces .

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