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Blockchain: Learning and unlearning the misconceptions

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Unlearning can be just as important as learning. When it comes to blockchain, people often have just as many misconceptions as they do correct ideas. Getting started with the technology can be tough when you don’t know where to turn.

The hardest part of beginning is often knowing how and where to begin. Are you interested in blockchain technology but find it daunting? Are many of the resources intimidating to navigate? If you are looking to break into this new technology, first you have to learn the basics. But what is a good, trustworthy source?

Blockchain takes a lot of learning, that much is true. However, it also takes a lot of unlearning.

Unlearning behaviors


Shedding old, incorrect ideas is often just as important as learning new ones. As we learn new technologies we take with us preconceived ideas and bad habits from other technologies. Nothing is a one size fits all solution, and before we put on the new pair of gloves, we have to take off the old pair first – otherwise you will end up with a messy ill-fitting pair.

Blockchain is no different.

However, since the idea is now mainstream, the public often develops incorrect assumptions about it. The media both understates and overstates its uses. It’s more than just Bitcoin. Blockchain challenges the status quo in certain industries, and not just with the advent of cryptocurrency.

For instance, the marriage of blockchain and big data affects not only financial industries, but the healthcare field, real estate agencies, and even retail. Cybersecurity benefits from blockchain. Even HR professionals have found a use for using blockchain for better hiring processes and preventing fraud. Large companies across the world are banking on blockchain’s success, as well as potentially improved elections, efficient banking, and smart energy distribution.

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However, it is not magic and it is not a silver bullet. GitHub is full of abandoned and neglected blockchain projects. Blockchain faces many challenges including scalability issues and privacy concerns. Telling apart the truths behind its use cases and overblown media hype can be difficult and no one is to blame for falling prey to incorrect assumptions.

What are the most common misconceptions about blockchain? How can we unlearn them? Are there any common practices that are holding us back from reaching the full blockchain potential?

Getting on the right track

On November 21, 2018 experts in the field will give a keynote about impact and strategy. Learning and unlearning – What it takes to adopt Blockchain will address what pitfalls to avoid and what to watch out for.

During the keynote’s premier in Berlin, you can tune into the livestream and take a seat remotely.

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What do we need before we start and implement the blockchain? How can we rally our developers and product managers on board? How can we change our mentality to avoid common mistakes? What will you do with blockchain technology tomorrow, and the tomorrow after that?

Wayne Huang, Peter Lawrey, Sebastian Meyen, Ingo Rammer, and Vinita Rathi will answer these questions, open up the panel to discussion, and more.

For both novices and experts alike, the Blockchain Technology Conference has talks and tracks for every level of expertise.

Tickets are still available.

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