Blockchain Technology Conference program promises deep insights

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Are you ready for the Blockchain Technology Conference this November in Berlin? The 2018 program is available and it is filled with blockchain goodies from the experts.

The Blockchain Technology Conference is on its way. The conference takes place from November 19 – 21 in Berlin.

You will get hands-on experience with international experts, a day of live demos and case studies of real-world implementations, individual interact with experts, and networking opportunities with people from a wide range of industries.

Here’s a sneak peak of the three available tracks and what you’ll learn from them.

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Blockchain advanced development

“Hacking blockchain for fun and real profit” by Wayne Huang

In a time of incredible innovation in blockchain infrastructures and token applications, limited security effort has been made. This has resulted in huge losses due to widespread vulnerabilities and frequent compromises.This talk presents our research into the latest blockchain attack vectors and security incidents. We will cover both traditional attack vectors – exploitation of Web application vulnerabilities (OWASP Top 10) found in token exchanges, network layer attacks such as DDoS,credential phish and social engineering, and malware infections, as well as new attack vectors unique to blockchain technology -exploitation of smart contract vulnerabilities,consensus flaws and 51% attacks, market manipulation, wallet logic flaws, and in-browser mining. We will also study financial-driven civilian actors, as well as nation-state APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) groups.

“Design consideration in creating a new high performance blockchain platform in Java” by Peter Lawrey

In this talk you will learn about some of the key elements in designing a digital currency. How do the economics of the currency work? How do existing solutions work technically? How can a blockchain be architected for high throughput (100K txn/s or even 100M txn/s)? How can a blockchain be used as a framework for building microservices?

Blockchain impact & strategy

“Towards self-sovereign identity” by Arnaud Le Hors

This session will introduce the concept of self-sovereign identity and its growing relevance in the world of GDPR and massive PII breaches. This will cover the open source project Hyperledger Indy – a decentralized system that manages digital identities rooted on blockchains – and related open standards (DIDs, Verifiable Claims, and DKMS), as well as the Sovrin network.

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Blockchain technology 101

“Ethereum fundamentals” by Jana Petkanicova

Ethereum — past, present and future! Why is Ethereum so popular and discussed? How does it differ from Bitcoin protocol and what kind of features do we find on its roadmap? What are the most interesting intrafirm or ecosystem use-cases? What about its forks, flaws, and ‘hacks’?

This talk will cover all crucial moments around this amazing platform. You will have a high-level understanding why it’s so disruptive, which programming languages are involved, what kind of privacy models it uses, how consensus affects its performance, and much more.

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Blockchain Technology Whitepaper

The conference’s Blockchain Technology Whitepaper is also available for download. Get the latest blockchain know-how about technology, development, and strategy from the experts. Here’s a taste of the included content:

  • From Java to blockchain: How to become a blockchain developer: Interview with Eugene Kyselev
  • dApps 101: Tips and tricks to get you started: by Michael Kordvani
  • Making smart contracts safe with Hyperledger Sawtooth: Interview with Dan Middleton
  • Take a look at the program yourself and start planning for a great conference full of revolutionary blockchain ideas.


Stay tuned for more news and info!

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