Orion 0.4 M2 brings extensive tooling

Blockbuster release for browser IDE Orion

Chris Mayer

The latest milestone of the browser IDE Eclipse Orion sure is a big one. All the details are within…

Is it possible to have a winter blockbuster? If so, Eclipse Orion has brought us an advanced preview of the latest innovations available within their browser-based IDE, in the release of Orion 0.4 M2.

The bulk of improvements comes through extensive tooling such as global search and replace, content assist for HTML, template completion for JavaScript, and CSS outline and error checking.

This milestone sequel is much more pleasing on the eye too as the user interface now gives precedence to giving more pixels to the most important content, and optimising for mobile devices and touch displays – making it invaluable for mobile developers.

An aesthetic overhaul has been undertaken with new settings pages, a static header at the top and a new git repository and commits page – the final gloss if you will. Orion is willing developers to fork it too. It now uses URI templates to invoke commands on an Orion page using a URI. These commands are limited to altering the page layout such as opening input fields and dialogs. For example, you can now create a URL to initiate a clone operation on a particular repository.

The Orion team also announced that they now feature in Firefox 10 & 11 as core elements in the browser. This is through the inclusion of an Orion-based Style editor and Scratchpad, which now uses the Eclipse Orion code editor to provide syntax highlighting and other features that make it easier and simpler to write JavaScript. The video below shows just some of the new tricks at Firefox’s disposal, thanks to Orion.

To get started, head over to Eclipse Orion homepage where you can download it, or use a hosted version from OrionHub.

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