Couldn't make it to DevOpsCon 2019 in Munich? No problem!

Binary Thinking is destroying the World – Livestream of the DevOpsCon Keynote

Chris Stewart

At this year’s DevOps Conference in Munich, Julia Wester talks about the dangers of binary thinking and shows what spectrum thinking is and why we should be striving towards it in our DevOps setup. We are streaming Julia’s keynote for everyone who couldn’t make it to Munich this year.

Binary Thinking is destroying the World

It is so easy to think in binaries. I’m right and, because you don’t agree with me, you must be wrong. This is good and that’s something different so it must be bad. We see this type of thinking everywhere, from the political stage to corporate offices. From immigration stances to opinions of work methodologies, we see strong polarizing voices creating camps of extremism.

The rising level of binary thinking that has emerged over the years has filled us with a bad taste in our mouths and made us almost lose sight of why we are communicating and working together in the first place. Binary thinking isn’t inherently bad. Like any other tool, it works out great when it’s needed but can cause massive damage when used in complex situations.

Fortunately, we can begin to navigate the chasm that exists between the existing extremes by recognizing the spectrum of options between them and learning how to navigate them to reach your end goals. Come and learn how we can become spectrum thinkers and directional thinkers that care more about progress than being right or wrong.

Starts Wednesday December 4, 2019 at 14:40 CET


DevOpsJulia Wester is a co-founder of 55 Degrees AB, an outcome-focused consulting company and Atlassian Solution Partner in southern Sweden.

Julia leads the consulting practice, leveraging her 18 years of experience working in and managing high-performing teams at companies such as Turner Broadcasting, F5 Networks, and LeanKit. She is passionate about teaching others how to tame the chaos of everyday work by embracing transparency, continuous improvement, and a lagom mindset. She also loves talking about how management doesn’t have to be a dirty word.

Julia blogs at and tweets at @everydaykanban. Find out more about her company, 55 Degrees, at

Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart is an Online Editor for He studied French at Somerville College, Oxford before moving to Germany in 2011. He speaks too many languages, writes a blog, and dabbles in card tricks.

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