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Big Data and the future of MySQL

Coman Hamilton
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Ahead of the Percona Live MySQL conference in London, Percona’s CMO Terry Erisman talked to us about the future role of MySQL in Big Data.

There’s rumblings of Big Data having hit its peak, and Gartner’s hype cycle has moved it into the ‘trough of disillusionment’. Would you agree? And how do you see the future role of MySQL in Big Data?

Terry Erisman: Gartner’s assessment seems valid, based on our experience. Big Data came with big expectations and big hype. There was talk of NoSQL technologies displacing MySQL and other SQL-based solutions. In our experience, the fog of hype has been dissipating and the reality is more nuanced. NoSQL and related Big Data database technologies have not replaced MySQL.

Rather, they have found uses as a complement to MySQL where their capabilities allow them to handle specific workloads better than MySQL. The reality we see is often NoSQL and MySQL used together rather than NoSQL used alone instead of MySQL.

Going forward, we believe this emerging trend will become the norm. MySQL continues to evolve with some specific new features in the areas of integrating with NoSQL solutions and handling increasingly large datasets.

We believe MySQL will continue to be the backbone of modern web applications but will also increasingly serve as a complement to NoSQL solutions as organizations develop hybrid MySQL/NoSQL solutions to address their Big Data needs.

How do see the field of MySQL developing over the next years?

MySQL is the workhorse for modern web applications and we expect to see this continue going forward. Under the stewardship of Oracle, MySQL continues to grow and improve in ways that make it increasingly better suited for the demands of the market. At the same time, we’ve seen the growth of NoSQL solutions which tend to be used in parallel with MySQL to solve specific challenges.

We expect the trend of using both MySQL and NoSQL databases together to continue and grow. We also expect that the growing interest in OpenStack, which has MySQL as a core component, will drive increasing interest and usage of MySQL and MySQL-related solutions in the Cloud.

So the Percona Live London conference is coming up in November – can you tell us what you’re looking forward to most?

There are a few exciting developments in the MySQL community which we look forward to learning more about at Percona Live London. The highly anticipated MySQL 5.7 release is expected soon and we look forward to hearing from Tomas Ulin, Luis Soares, and Andrew Morgan from Oracle on what to expect once it is available.

High Availability has also been an area receiving high interest at the conferences for the past few years and we look forward to hearing from Alexey Yurchenko of Codership on the latest developments with Galera for HA. Finally, MySQL in the Cloud and its central role in OpenStack are areas of rapid development which we expect to learn more about from multiple speakers including Colin Charles with MariaDB.

Can you give us a sense of the Percona approach to MySQL?

During Percona Live MySQL conferences, we strive to provide an inclusive, community-focused environment where MySQL users can grow their knowledge and industry connections. We recruit impartial, representative conference committees which helps ensure that the best speaking proposals are selected and the broadest possible agenda is set. The events bring together experts on all the major MySQL variants to present as balanced a view as possible.

From a business perspective, Percona approaches MySQL as neutral experts. We provide services for all variants of MySQL. Whether an organization uses MySQL, Percona Server, Amazon RDS for MySQL, or MariaDB, we offer professional services to help them make the most out of their database.

When working with our clients, we recommend the best technology for their needs, no matter which organization provides it. Whether it is our Consulting, Support, Managed Services, or Training services for MySQL, we strive to help our clients find the best solution for their needs, independent of the supplier.

Coman Hamilton
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