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Impact of big data on mobile application development

Nisarg Mehta
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How does the rise in mobile app development affect big data? The amount of data continues to grow at unprecedented levels. As the total data produced will cross zettabyte level in a few years, big data analytics is required to be in the picture for high-level analytics and deriving valuable insights from the vast pool of data.

The digitally connected world has brought unprecedented growth opportunity for the mobile app development ecosystem. When everyone is hooked up to their mobile screens, it is natural for companies to invest in mobile app development for targeting their prospects.

But how to improve ROI from app development efforts? The answer is in using big data and analytics for taking smart and informed decisions regarding the design and development of mobile application solutions.

Using big data for improving mobile app development process

Using Big Data for Improving Mobile App Development Process

Data is in abundance nowadays. Every day, millions of bytes get transmitted to and fro between customers and businesses. Developers can make use of this data to create more engaging and intuitive applications.

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With a large number of connected devices, the amount of data every individual produce has crossed many bounds. Developers, to make apps more useful, require this data to be available in a structured form.

As the total data produced will cross zettabyte level in a few years, big data analytics is required to be in the picture for high-level analytics and deriving valuable insights from the vast pool of data.

Big data can augment the process of creating innovative mobile apps for the future by helping mobile app developers in:

Developing customer-centric mobile applications

It is a known fact that apps that are user-friendly, fast and relevant to user requirements are more successful. With the help of big data, mobile app development companies will be able to analyze customer’s experience and align the apps to their needs.

Big data analysis helps developers to understand what a customer really wants and his/her app usage behavior. This will help them create interactive experiences for the end-users, which will keep them hooked to the apps for long.

Fine-tuning user experience analytics

For an app to succeed, it should be delight its users. For the same, an analysis of customer experiences is essential. With big data in picture, mobile app developers can evaluate user behavior in detail, which helps in understanding the things to focus on while designing UI/UX during app development.

Even for the development of a new mobile app, developers can analyze user behavior on similar apps and spearhead the process of creating great user experience (UX).

Smart marketing

Big data analytics is paving a new way for app marketing via business intelligence. Marketers are using big data analytics to target users more professionally and achieve efficiencies like never before. Using smart insights gathered using big data, mobile app developers and companies can extract meaningful conclusions from the data they gather from mobile app users.

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Symbiotic & co-dependent relationship between big data analysis, mobile app development & marketing

To make app marketing campaigns more meaningful, mobile app development companies can leverage big data which can help in:

  • Enjoying greater control over external factors by understanding, correlating and assembling app usage data.
  • Extracting deep insights and information about user experience for being more relevant to user’s demands & requirements.
  • Predicting future app usage and success using predictive analytics.
  • Creating detailed user experience maps for designing intuitive mobile app user interface

Big data powered future of mobile app development

The potential impact of big data analytics on mobile app development domain is massive in the coming years. Already the annual growth rate (CAGR) of the mobile app domain is expected to be around 18% from 2019-2023. There will be incremental growth in excess of $164 billion by the end of 2023.

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With the growth trajectory already speeding up, big data analytics have the power to make the mobile app development ecosystem a truly useful resource for greater business impact. Not only will big data help in making informed decisions regarding mobile app development, but it can even help organizations in hiring mobile app developers more efficiently. Organizations can gauge development experience by a developer’s ability to leverage big data for delivering better customer experience.

Wrapping up

A lot of activity in the mobile app development ecosystem is anticipated in the coming time. With mobile app users becoming more considerate about which app to use and which one to ditch, big data can really serve as a potent weapon in the arsenal of mobile app developers. If you are truly looking to modernize your app development process, harnessing the power of big data can prove out to be a useful tactic.

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lenny face
lenny face
2 years ago

The amount of data every individual produce has crossed many bounds

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Helena Orstem
2 years ago

The biggest problem of our future is big data.

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DxMinds Innovation
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there are some latest technologies to maintain big data and can produce useful insights