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Beyond the ICO: How to create total value with blockchain

JAXenter Editorial Team

How far can Blockchain go and what is next? In this session, Barbara Mellish shares her insights, learnings and future aspirations to achieve total value in finance in Blockchain.

With so much Media attention on the focus of the rise (and falls) of cryptocurrency valuations, it is easy to lose sight of the wider picture of the blockchain opportunity. Add to that the uncoordinated nature of the non-centralized model and the growing number of scams and mismanagement scandals and the result becomes a very fragmented market.

We all intuitively know that appropriate use of Blockchain technology does have real potential to make a change to how we operate cross-border and within societal groups, bypassing middle layers and removing the trusted center. The question is how far can Blockchain go and what is next?

This keynote features real live blockchain applications which are making that change, including vibrant (global) communities transacting with their values, provenance of product research, impact investment and institutional consultancy research and advise. Having had more than six years in the research and application of the movement of non-financial values, and two years in blockchain applications, Barbara Mellish shares her insights, learnings and future aspirations to achieve total value in finance in Blockchain.


Barbara Mellish is the Director for the Centre for Citizenship Enterprise and Governance, Managing Partner Rothbadi & Co Ltd, an institutional Blockchain advisory service, CEO of Seratio Ltd provision of metrics, platforms and SaaS applications, President of the Blockchain Alliance for Good and Non-Executive Director of HRBS Building Society. CCEG has an international following of over 110,000 members. As part of building blockchain, capability CCEG has established an open-source Blockchain Lab listed in the global 100. CCEG has completed the UK’s first ICO of the SER Coin, a cryptocurrency that can track intangible value alongside financial value. A career built in Financial Services, specializing in Payments and Cards, Barbara’s senior industry roles included Director of Payments Integrity and Security, transacting over £385bn per day, responsible for the cybersecurity and systems resilience for the UK’s Banking Infrastructure.
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