Beta of MercurialEclipse Plugin Version 1.6.0


Provider of enterprise-class collaboration solutions Intland have announced a beta of 1.6.0 of their MercurialEclipse plugin.

Version 1.6.0 contains a full rewrite of the multi-project support in MercurialEclipse, which means the hg startup should take less time to perform all the required hg work on startup of Eclipse. It has also undergone code cleanup of the MercurialTeamProvider in general and getHgRoot especially.

For the forthcoming stable release, Intland plan to introduce support for multiple projects under one hg root; and usable hg repository management.

Intland are currently keen to receive user feedback for the forthcoming 1.6.0 stable. 1.6.0 beta can be downloaded from Java Forge.

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