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Beta of JavaFX 2.0 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, ‘The Hadoop of Realtime’ to be open sourced.

Beta of JavaFX 2.0 Released

A beta of JavaFX 2.0 has been released. This release contains the SDK and the JavaFX runtime, which enables users to run JavaFX applications without installing the SDK. It also includes a media engine that supports playback of web multimedia content, web components that enables HTML to be embedded in a JavaFX app, and an updated browser plugin for loading JavaFX applets based on Prism. Please note that many of the new features introduced in JavaFX 2.0 Beta are incompatible with JavaFX version 1.3. More information is available at the Release Notes.

Apache Archiva 1.3.5 Fixes Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

Version 1.3.5 of Apache Archiva has been announced. This is primarily a security and bug fix release, which addresses issues with Archiva failing to start up on Solaris 64-bit, and upgrades to Redback version 1.2.8. It also fixes a cross-site scripting vulnerability in Archiva. More information is available at the Release Notes.

Apache Archiva is repository management software that offers remote repository proxying, security access management, and build artifact storage.

‘The Hadoop of Realtime’ To Be Open Sourced

Nathan Marz has blogged about the new stream processing system, ‘Storm’ developed at BackType, which he refers to as “the Hadoop of realtime: it does for realtime processing what Hadoop does for batch processing.” BackType are planning to open source Storm over the coming months. According to Marz’s post, Storm abstracts the message passing away, automatically parallelizes the stream computation on a cluster of machines, and allows the user to focus on the realtime processing logic. Storm runs on the JVM and is written in Clojure, and also supports Ruby and Python. ZeroMQ is used for the underlying message passing. Marz lists some of the potential use cases of Storm as stream processing, continuous computation, and distributed RPC.

Google Testing “Google Wallet” App

Google have announced details of a “Google Wallet” app that allows users to tap, pay and save using their phone and near field communication. Users will also be able to store credit, loyalty and gift cards, and will be able to automatically redeem offers and earn loyalty points.

“Google Wallet is a key part of our ongoing effort to improve shopping for both businesses and consumers. It’s aimed at making it easier for you to pay for and save on the goods you want, while giving merchants more ways to offer coupons and loyalty programs to customers, as well as bridging the gap between online and offline commerce,” reads the blog post.

The Google team are currently testing the app, and plan to release Google Wallet “soon.”

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