Beta of Apache Jackrabbit 2.0 Released


The Apache Jackrabbit community has released a beta of Apache Jackrabbit 2.0 for download.

Apache Jackrabbit is a fully featured information management system that implements the entire Content Repository for Java (JCR) technology API. This release has been upgraded to be fully compliant with JCR 2.0, and is based on the official JCR 2.0 API. It has also been upgraded to Java 5 and will require Java 5 as the base platform. This release consists of a single source archive packaged as a zip file, with SHA1 and MD5 checksums and a PGP signature that can used to verify the authenticity of the download.

Apache Jackrabbit beta5 is not yet production ready.

The Jackrabbit community are currently planning for Apache Jackrabbit 3.0 to be JDBC compliant.

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