Watch Kumbirai Tanekha's DevOpsCon 2017 session

Best practices for securing containerized applications

JAX Editorial Team

In this talk, Kumbirai Tanekha offers some tips and tricks about the best practices for securing containerized applications and how to secure these applications across the DevOps pipeline.

What are the best practices for securing containerized applications? How can developers secure their containerized applications across the DevOps pipeline? This talk shares practical tips and tricks on how to secure your containerized applications.

What’s more, Kumbirai Tanekha concludes his talk with a demo of Conjur from CyberArk. Conjur is an open source security service that integrates with popular CI/CD tools to secure secrets, provide machine identity authorization, and more.


Kumbirai Tanekha is a Software Engineer in the R&D department at CyberArk. He is a member of the Cyberark Conjur team and a maintainer of CyberArk Conjur. He has a particular interest in developing intelligent tools to streamline and facilitate workflows. When not working, he spends most of his time consuming inordinate amounts of media on General Artificial Intelligence and thinking about how to actualize that. From time to time he tweets at @iwavethegrain



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