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The highlights of the JAX London 2014

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Paul Fremantle's opening keynote at the JAX London 2014

It has been three wonderful days of talks, workshops and networking at JAXLondon. As the conference draws to a close we’ve compiled a list of some of the best moments over the last few days.

The seventh installment of the JAX London kicked off on Monday with a full day of workshops in the Business Design Centre Islington. Attendees were given hands-on trainings in API Management, Performance Tuning and Data Grids – to name a few focal points. The speaker dinner took place on Monday evening and guests were treated to a mouthwatering feast in the local restaurant Pig and Butcher.

Tuesday‘s schedule was packed to the gills with inspiring and innovative talks such as Paul Fremantle’s ‘Connecting the World‘ and Greg Young’s entertaining afternoon keynote on ‘The Art of Destroying Software‘. The day was wrapped up with community night where the Java community could bring along friends and enjoy a beer and chat in the Expo Centre.

Chris Richardson on microservices

Chris Richardson on microservices

The final day of the JAX London 2014 was opened a keynote on developing applications with a microservice architecture by Chris Richardson, the founder of Cloud Foundry. After several raffles by JAX partners, the conferences was rounded off with Markus Voelter’s keynote on language-oriented business applications – an insightful introduction to programming interfaces for non-programmers.

10 highlights, learnings and new records

1. Best comment on Java:

“Java 8 is more typing with less typing!”
– Simon Ritter on the ease of declaring types in Java while writing less code.

2. A new record-breaking attendance:

450 attendees, from 25 nations around the world

3. Highest number of tech groupies after a keynote:

20 excited developers lingered long after Peter Friese’s session on Android Wear.

Peter Friese at the JAX London 2014

Peter Friese at the JAX London 2014

Although Greg Young’s keynote on “The Art of Destroying Software” came close


Fans after Greg Young’s keynote

4. Most dangerous object at JAX:

The remote-controlled drone at the Test Object stand that terrorized developers in the expo hall.

5. Most realistic prediction about technology:

“Is there a new hot piece of technology we should look out for?”: “Nope.”
– Martin Fowler, as quoted by Program Chair Sebastian Meyen.

6. Funniest moment:

Greg Young declaring that coders should come to terms with the fact that they are “not able to predict anything.”

7. Best food:

The meringue tartlets for dessert.


The meringue dessert

8. Best thing we learned: Diversity is key in creating an effective working enviornment for Developers. Martijn Verberg stressed this importance of this in relation to the appointment of new staff and encouraged bosses and HR executives to look past the Computer Science 2:1 stamp on CVs.

Verberg also highlighted the importance of examining which work hours are the best for productivity, the benefits of automating expense filing and respecting your colleagues 

9. Most impressive part of the location:

The steel structure surrounding that framed the conference. 


The Business Design Centre in Islington

10. Our favourite Tweet:


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