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Become a Mozilla Test Pilot With 1.0 Beta Release

Jessica Thornsby

Test Pilot 1.0 Beta is out now.

Test Pilot is a platform for collecting structured user feedback through Firefox, by exploring how people use their web browser and the Internet. Test Pilots have first access to the newest Firefox features and add-ons, and can select which Test Pilot studies they wish to participate in. Participants can access data collected from them in real-time and, at the end of each study, Test Pilots can choose whether they want their data to be submitted to the Test Pilot severs or not. If a test requires you to install a new feature or product, the platform will ask your permission.

With this release, Test Pilot extends the protection against string-injection attacks and any attempts to use Test Pilot as a trojan horse for malicious code. Test Pilot 1.0 Beta users can now export test data as csv files, and there is a new ‘always submit my data’ setting where data can be submitted automatically. Please note that this setting is disabled by default.


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