Yasmine Limberger

Yasmine Limberger
Yasmine Limberger has a degree in business administration and worked in IT consulting for many years. She has lots of experience in the selection of IT specialists, recruiting of executives, HR marketing and HR development. As a career coach today, Yasmine Limberger advises young professionals as well as experienced professionals on their career orientation and planning. Find more information about Yasmine Limberger on her website:

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It can only get better: How not to turn restructuring into a panic attack

Once in a while companies are being restructured, processes made more efficient, organizations redefined, and departments merged or, in a worst-case scenario, made completely redundant. Whenever management announces changes, the disastrous sword of Damocles looms over each department along with question “Who will get hit and how?”

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Failing successfully: Making mistakes takes practice

In some countries, failure is considered part of the road to success, particularly in terms of entrepreneurship – but in Germany it’s a taboo subject. You avoid mentioning it. According to common consensus, someone who failed just didn’t think things through, was either unobservant or incompetent. This is precisely the mindset that suppresses innovation as it leaves no space for trial and error.

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How changing your job can create an emotional high

According to a study conducted by the German Institute for Employment Research IAB (Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung), every year around 3.4 percent of employees in Germany change their job. The slim majority of 52 percent do this voluntarily, but the other half (48 percent) are forced to change their position due to (prospectively) losing their jobs.