Uwe Schindler

Uwe Schindler
Uwe Schindler is a member of the Project Management Committee at the Apache Lucene Project. He and his Consulting firm SD DataSolutions GmbH are based in Bremen. He regularly blogs at The Generic Policeman's Blog.


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OpenJDK Project under the gun

Java 9 steals the spotlight, OpenJDK Project takes it back

OpenJDK Project was under the gun during this year’s FOSDEM event for its misfire regarding the JIRA Bug-Tracker while Java 9 remained at the centre of developers’ attention as open discussions tipped the balance in its favor. The audience also had a chance to witness a conflict between Committers from SAP working on the Hotspot VM and Oracle.

New release

Apache Lucene and Solr 5.4 get joint update

For all search-engine geeks out there, the Apache Lucene Team has a very special gift for the holidays: Version 5.4.0 of Apache Lucene and Apache Solr has been released!