Tracy Miranda

Tracy Miranda
Tracy Miranda is cofounder of Kichwa Coders, a software consultancy specializing in Eclipse tools for science and embedded software. Tracy has a background in electronics system design. Tracy is also involved with working with kids to introduce them to new technology.


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Multi-dimensional arrays in Java with Eclipse January

Eclipse January is a set of common data structures in Java, including a powerful library for handling numerical data. As the volumes and complexity of data dramatically increases —the so-called ‘Big Data’— Eclipse January provides a numerical library that simplifies the handling and manipulation of data in the form of multi-dimensional arrays.

WORKSFORME attitude — no longer an option

Whose job is it to promote diversity in the Eclipse community?

In this article Tracy Miranda talks about the lack of diversity at conferences, why it’s getting harder and harder to find the women in the Eclipse community and how to fix this issue. ” I dream of an Eclipse community with the reputation as the open source community of choice for women,” Tracy says.