Thierry Templier

Thierry Templier
Thierry Templier isn't only a server-side architect but has also been a JavaScript and CSS addict for a very long time. He co-authored a book on the subject in 2009, "JavaScript for Web 2.0". He has an in-depth knowledge of patterns, libraries and frameworks to build rich Internet applications (JQuery, Backbone, MVVM, Angular, CSS, Less) but also to implement JavaScript server-side applications with Node. Thierry is very excited by the features provided by JavaScript and the latest JavaScript technologies and frameworks (ES6, ES7, Angular 2, React, Node). He has worked with Angular since 2013, first with prototypes and contributed to the migration of Restlet’s API platform frontend from JavaScript / jQuery to Angular. He likes to make this type of applications interact efficiently with RESTful services and web APIs. Thierry also teaches classes around JavaScript, Angular and Node and contributes to Angular 2 on StackOverflow (he is one the five top answerers).

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Reactive programming, HTTP and Angular 2

Reactive Programming and observables are really powerful and go beyond what promises offer. They provide key features like laziness and the ability to cancel them. This allows you to add robustness into Angular 2 applications especially at the level of HTTP to finely control what is executed.