Tam Hanna

Tam Hanna
Tam Hanna concerns himself with programming and usage of mobile Computers since the times of Palm IIIc. He developed Programms for various Platforms, operates topic-related Online-News-Services and is contactable for Questions, Trainings and Lectures via [email protected]

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The algorithmic expert’s tool

Python tutorial: An introduction to the programming language

When Guido van Rossum developed Python, he had a simple programming language in mind that circumvented the weaknesses of other systems. Python’s easy syntax and well thought out syntactical options have established the language as a standard for various scientific applications, such as machine learning.

Which Continuous Integration server is the one for me?

Comparing CI servers: Jenkins vs. CruiseControl vs. Travis

Joel Spolsky’s „Joel Test,“ which was published 16 years ago, delved into the daily generation of team-wide builds. As Continuous Integration server designated systems solve the issue automatically, they compile their administered elements – the name says it all – permanently. But what can an individual CI server do and which is the right one for my project?