Sven Ruppert

Sven Ruppert
Sven Ruppert has been coding Java since 1996. He is an Oracle developer champion, developer advocate at Vaadin, and speaker, helping developers worldwide to grow their business. In his free time, he regularly contributes to German IT periodicals, including Java Magazin and Entwickler Magazin, as well as tech portals such as


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The Spring Boot of the EE world?

App construction with Apache Meecrowave

Apache Meecrowave is a MicroProfile server and Apache project that can be described as the “Spring Boot of the EE world”, except one that only uses Apache software. Sven Ruppert goes over what developers need to know about this customizable server and how it works so well with Vaadin.

First new LTS version

Vaadin 10: The evolution from framework to platform

The wait is finally over: It’s been quite some time since the last version of Vaadin was released. Vaadin 8, the last major release, was published in February 2017. Now, more than one year later, Vaadin 10 is ready to see the light of day.