Stoyan Mitov

Stoyan Mitov
Stoyan Mitov is a co-founder of (#1 App at the Apple Store Bulgaria) and a fellow at Dreamix Ltd. He is an entrepreneur with expertise in product development and community building who is working closely with startups from the Silicon Valley and Europe. Graduate from Draper University and the American University in Bulgaria.


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Do you think technological progress has made us less humane?

From Silicon Valley to ISIS

Programing languages are the must knowns today – and Java is one of the most popular languages. Did you know that there were more than 16,000 job offerings for java developers on any given day this year? It’s a great skill to have. It helps us write programs that make the communication between machines possible. If one wants to feel safe in the current job market he/she must learn Java or any other popular software language.

The new lean startup

No stack: a leaner tech startup approach

The days when building a new technology meant finding thousands of dollars and full-stack programming knowledge are over. Tech entrepreneur Stoyan Mitov welcomes us to the era of no-stack API-based startups with shorter development times and less expenses.