Stephan Rauh

Stephan Rauh
Stephan Rauh works as a senior consultant at the OPITZ CONSULTING GmbH Germany . He has been working for years with JSF and AngularJS and has become known through his blog and open source projects AngularFaces and BootsFaces .

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No biggie

BootsFaces 0.8.6 has been released

This weekend we published a new version of BootsFaces. BootsFaces 0.8.6 is basically not a big deal; it fixes half a dozen bugs.

Far from a small bugfix release

BootsFaces 0.8.5: 11 new components

The successor of BootsFaces 0.8.1 was supposed to be a small bugfix release, but the result is a different story: the new version consists of 240 commits. In addition to several bugfixes, version 0.8.5 also brings 11 new components. Plus, the relaxed HTML-like markup style from AngularFaces has been migrated to BootsFaces.