Sebastian Springer

Sebastian Springer
Sebastian Springer is a JavaScript developer at MaibornWolff in Munich and is mainly concerned with the architecture of client- and server-side JavaScript. He is a consultant and lecturer for JavaScript and regularly communicates his knowledge at national and international conferences.

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Why you should use date-fns

How to manipulate dates with JavaScript

Issues related to working with dates are as old of a problem as it gets with JavaScript. In theory it is possible to perform date calculations with JavaScript’s date object, if it weren’t for the many weaknesses of the API. Fortunately, there are helpful libraries that can save us a lot of work. One of them is date-fns.

The new JavaScript framework

Tutorial: NestJS for Node.js applications

By now, Node.js isn’t a small-time-player anymore when it comes to backend technology. However, the acceptance and distribution of the platform have only increased in recent years, so that more and more developers have to approach this technology. Node.js’ lightweight character is its biggest advantage, but nothing comes drawback-free. Sebastian Springer and Khaled Labidi explain more in this tutorial.