Sarah Schlothauer

Sarah Schlothauer
Sarah Schlothauer is an assistant editor for She received her Bachelor's degree from Monmouth University and is currently enrolled at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany where she is working on her Masters. She lives in Frankfurt with her husband and cat.

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Useful for AWS and Kubernetes

New Python wrapper for cloud automation by Adobe

Adobe has newly opened Ops-cli: a Python wrapper for Terraform, Ansible, and SSH for cloud automation. Keep up with the fast face of cloud computing and add this automation tool to your belt. Ops-cli can be used with AWS and Kubernetes deployments.

Container management is making a big splash

Secure container management with Podman

Podman helps you manage containers, pods, container images, and container volumes, all without a daemon. If you know how to use Docker, you know how to use Podman! Only a year after its public release, Podman has entered version 1.0. Come see what has been added and what security benefits it can provide.

Immutable collections for your next project

Dart meets Kotlin? kt.dart ports the Kotlin Standard Library

We all love Dart. But, don’t we wish we could combine it with Kotlin? For everything that Dart may be missing for high-level programming, there’s kt.dart. This project ports the Kotlin Standard Library for Dart/Flutter projects. Why choose when you can have it all in one neat package?

Tune up your Go game

5 open source Go tools for tuning up your Golang mastery


Love programming in Go? It’s hard not to fall in love with it, we know! Today we browsed through some Golang tools on GitHub and picked some of our favorites from the list. Far from exhaustive, this list highlights some of the best in show.

Visualizing pipelines with Airflow

Maintain your workflow with Apache Airflow

Apache Airflow has officially been granted Top-Level Project status by The Apache Software Foundation! Over 200 companies manage their workflows with Airflow, so what makes it so usable? Have a beginner’s look at what you can gain from giving Airflow a try.