Rich Sharples

Rich Sharples
Rich is the Senior Director of Product Management in the Application Platforms Business Group at Red Hat. He has spent the last twenty years evangelizing, using, and designing Enterprise Middleware. He previously worked for Forte Software and Sun Microsystems and as an independent software developer and consultant building large distributed software systems for the space, transport, and energy sectors. He also serves on the node.js Foundation Board of Directors. In his spare time he enjoys running, cycling, and anything that gets him outdoors.

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Modernization lessons

Out with the Old…In with Application Modernization

What should you take into consideration when modernizing legacy applications? Is it always practical to toss out the old and roll in the new? Vodafone has learned a number of lessons about modernization, including putting the customer at the center of all efforts for the best outcome.

Navigating OpenJDK choices

What to look for in an OpenJDK Distro

Do you really need OpenJDK support? It can be tricky, and even dangerous in the case of enterprise use. When it comes to OpenJDK builds, there are several different options you can turn towards. Find out how much it will cost you, what versions of Java and security fixes are provided, what operating systems are supported, and more facts.