Remy Gendron

Remy Gendron
A seasoned technologist, Remy is a speaker, founder and CEO of INGENO. Remy has spent most of the last 25 years building and overseeing the development of enterprise-class SaaS solutions for large international companies such as CGI, BAAN, Mediagrif and Taleo. Previously, he was one of the senior corporate technical architects and supervisor of Taleo's infrastructure team. He served as a technology guru to lay out the roadmap for best practices in the development of a SaaS company processing more than 100 million transactions per week. Today at the head of INGENO, a custom software development firm most of its clients in Silicon Valley, Rémy promotes the DevOps culture as a speaker and he accompanies many North American companies in the use of technology to achieve their business objectives.

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Keeping things simple is the best bet for a successful IT project. The more moving parts there are, the more can go wrong. Injecting simplicity in your projects is a sound investment, on the same level as other concerns such as performance, scalability, and security. This article examines five ways you can begin investing in simplicity.