Raja Rao

Raja Rao
Raja has been an engineer, developer advocate and a tech writer with nearly two decades in the software industry. He’s now transitioned into growth marketing and writes mostly about databases and big data.

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Overcoming complexity

Remove System Complexity with The “Impedance Mismatch Test”

Sophisticated systems don’t ensure great performance, but a simple test can tell if your data pipeline is getting too complex. It is very easy to get carried away and build a complex data layer without thinking about the consequences. The IMS score was created to help you be conscious of your decisions.

Alternative to traditional thinking

Why you should consider a Databaseless architecture

In this article Raja Rao, Head of Growth Marketing at Redis discusses breaking down complex problems using first principles and DBLess (databaseless) architecture. DBLess architecture provides an alternative to traditional thinking. Should you try a proof-of-concept?