Prashant Gurav

Prashant Gurav
A problem solver and a project manager. Responsible for managing large scale project teams comprising of full stack developers solving complex technological challenges. Adept with Amazon, Azure and Google cloud & infra platforms. Expert in Cloud Computing Services. Evangelist for lean methodologies and continuous improvement of process, people and technology. Social media profiles: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook


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Delivering innovation

Why AI + big data = Unified data analytics

In the bigger picture, big data services companies are providing better-integrated Data analytics services and an AI scale to accelerate innovation. What is unified data analytics? Read about the Unified Data Analytics platform and the benefits of AI and big data analytics solutions.

Personalizing city experiences

Artificial intelligence & machine learning: The brain of a smart city

In this article, explore how a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning can act as the brains of a smart city while simultaneously considering how a smart city experience can become more personalized without compromising the privacy of its residents. Read on to see what the advantages and disadvantages of an ML and AI-powered smart city are.